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Trompie Artificial Grass

Padel Court Turf - (10m x20m)

Padel Court Turf - (10m x20m)

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We specialize in providing top-quality turf designed specifically for padel courts, ensuring the perfect surface for players of all levels. Our turf is durable, low-maintenance, and offers excellent traction, making it ideal for both professional and recreational play. Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing court or build a new one, our padel court turf is the perfect choice.

Padel Court Turf Includes:

  • 12mm Artificial Turf (10m x 20m)
  • Adhesive for Installation
  • Seaming Tape
  • Line Markings.
  • This Product Does NOT Include the Padel Cage or Net
  • This Product Only Includes One Padel Court
  • 8 year UV warranty

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